All Hands on Deck! U.S. Peacebuilders and Businesses Can Find Common Cause

  • First of all, we can help to raise awareness of the conflict dynamics in the U.S. by sharing research and proven peacebuilding approaches within existing business forums. Instead of inviting business leaders to participate in our events, we need to go to theirs and speak their language. And we need to publish articles in the journals and publications that they read.
  • In addition, we can and should exert pressure from the outside, on corporate decision-makers, shareholders and customers to highlight when harm is being done and what specific actions can be taken to remedy it. Yes, we will often need to be critical of corporations, but should also be prepared to offer solutions.
  • We should be pushing for greater transparency, so that what companies are saying is in line with what they are doing.
  • And we need a more united front. It will be most helpful for peacebuilders to band together with a common message and an aligned strategy for specific companies, industries or geographies. Companies don’t appreciate being approached by several smaller civil society organizations asking for dispersed program support.
  • Finally, we should offer programs and actions that are tied to metrics of success and can demonstrate a return on investment for our corporate partnerships.



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Alliance for Peacebuilding

Alliance for Peacebuilding

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